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Replies to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  by  The Tap & Die Co:

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General Information - We are the only independently owned ‘specialist’ company. We have proved to be an excellent, efficient company providing excellent service to industry since 1978 and as can be read in ‘References’ in About Us from our customers. The quality of our taps & dies are excellent for making internal or external screw-threads in most steel material eg.cast-iron, bronze, aluminium, stainless-steel etc. They are used in every industry including: industrial factories, aerospace, trains, ships, autos, bikes, model-engineering, scientific, jewellery, technical colleges etc. They are 100% quality inspected
Tpi (threads per inch) - Measurement of threads on all inch-diameter sizes eg 1/4”x26tpi means 1/4” is dia of tap or die and 26 is tpi (threads per inch)
Taps - Taps are packaged normally in 3’s (with 3 tapers or 3 seconds or 3 bottomings/plugs) in neat white boxes - all with labels showing size
Dies o/d (outside diameter) - Dies made in 13/16”od, 1”od, 1.5/16”od, 1.1/2”od, 2”od etc
Wooden Boxed Sets - They are computer-designed British-made boxes containing Taps, Dies and tapwrenches + diestocks, covering the widest choice of a variety of taps, dies, dienuts, drills etc. and is the lowest prices & best way to buy a range of our tools
Quantity - Do you sell any quantity?
Answer:  Yes, even 1 tool and have no minimum order. - You will find larger quantities get bigger discounted prices - simply fax or phone us for prices if you have any difficulty in using this site. We carry every type & size on the shelf and are the LARGEST Company in London, UK
Delivery - Do you deliver anywhere in the world? & how do you deliver?
Answer:  We have been supplying to all countries & deliver anywhere in the world since 1978. We deliver by courier service (next day delivery in UK) and by Air-post to all other destinations
Quality - How does your quality compare to others?
Answer: You cannot get better “Quality, Prices or Service” as our ‘References’ in About us pages show.  Our excellent HQS quality ensures guaranteed accuracy for taps, dies & dienuts. It is a tougher & better alternative to HSS and cuts high quality threads internally and externally. Proven durability & wear resistance of tools and service to industry since 1978. All other tools viz.: Drills, Reamers, Milling Cutters etc. are all made in HSS or supercobalt
Prices - All prices are shown in our online website
Currency - All prices are in Stg£(=GBP). How much is it in my country-currency?
Answer: Click on SITEMAP (here or on left margin above) and click on ‘Currency Converter’
Payment - How can we pay for tools?
Answer: You can pay by most Credit card or UK Bank cheque or Bank Draft (payable to us in Stg£ (= GBP) made payable through any London bank)
On this site are the Taps, Dies & Dienuts for Right-hand thread-cutting?
Answer: Yes, all taps, dies & dienuts are for right-hand cutting (unless stated otherwise)
We manufacture/supply every type/size and 1000’s of each standard size are on the shelf
If a size is not shown it is often in stock or is possible to manufacture but is treated as: SPECIAL
Do you make/supply LEFT-HAND threads and or ‘Specials’?
Answer: Yes, left-hand is in stock on most sizes or tools can be made to order in a few days
Do you make/supply other specialist tools?
Answer: Other than Taps, Dies, Dienuts, BOXED SETS (Wooden & Metal boxes), we offer:
1] HSS Drills: Jobbers, Centre-drills, Long-series, Stub, MTS, Core, Blank,Quick/Slow Helix
2] Supercobalt & Titanium Nitride (bright gold) Drills: (as in point 1]  above)
3] Masonry Drills
4] Reamers: Hand, Machine, MTS, Chucking, Taper-Pin, Taper-Bridge, Shell Carbide-Tip etc
5] Milling Cutters (Screwed-shank or Plain-shank or Bore-type): End-mill, Slot-drill, Ball-nose, Ripping, Throwaway, T-Slot, Woodruff, Corner-rounding, Dove-tail, Inverted-dovetail, Cylindrical, Helical, Side & Face, Equal & Unequal etc
6] Concave & Convex Cutters: solid cutter for making these forms on components
7] Involute Gear Cutters: generates teeth of straight gears
8] Slitting Saws: for slotting screw-heads & side chip clearance in staggered or straight teeth
How do we order securely online?
Answer: You simply need to go to our secure online website